Tribal Threadz

About Us

Three close friends started a socially responsible company in 2012 when a tribal patterned hat caught their eye at a local market in Cuzco, Peru. The friends realized they had something special when the hats began drawing attention from friends and family. After countless hours of research and planning, Tribal Threadz was born. The concept is simple, connect people to tribal designs and educate them on relevant social issues in the communities where the designs originated. Our goal is to deliver high quality apparel made out of handmade Peruvian tribal patterns, but our mission has evolved into something more. 

We teamed up with a charity that has a similar emphasis on social responsibility. After surfing the web we came across Survival International, a non-profit organization that lobbies for uncontacted Tribal People's. We are proud to be donating a portion of our proceeds to help Survival International continue to help others. Please check out our "Charities" tab to find out more about the important work they do! 

And of course make sure to get out there, explore, and Show Your Tribal Side. 



Meet the Tribe

    David Grossman                             Benjamin Birns                     Andrew Grossman